Every application for membership of the association, shall be made on a form as provided for that purpose.

The candidate’ s full name, address and occupation, together with a passport size photo, name and signatures of his proposer and seconder shall be stated in the form. The proposer and seconder must be personally acquainted with him and be responsible for any debts the candidate may incur prior to his being elected a member or rejected / or prior to his name being withdrawn. Both the proposer and the seconder shall be Ordinary or Life Members of the Association.

Every application for membership shall normally be posted on the Association notice board for one week before such candidate shall be considered for approval.

At any time before his approval, the application of candidate for membership may be: –
i)     Withdrawn by the candidate, or
ii)    Withdrawn by his Proposer or Seconder,
iii)   Rendered void by the proposer and Seconder ceasing to be a member of the Association.


An entrance fee of RM 40.00 shall accompany every application for membership and RM 5.00 as first month’s subscription fee.

The Subscription shall be RM 5.00 monthly or RM 50.00 annually. All Monthly Subscription shall be payable to the Treasurer in advance within 10 days of the first of each month. All Annual Subscription shall be payable to the Treasurer in advance within 90 days of the beginning of each year.


Our Association consist of:

  • Patrons
  • Life Members
  • Ordinary Members
  • Outstation Members
  • Associate Members
  • Honorary Members


To be a Member of Indian Association of Taiping, please download  the form below:

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